Sunday, January 4, 2009

BSM #2: Psalm (37:5)

When I was younger, my parents gave me a plaque with the meaning of my name and a related Scripture verse, which happened to be Psalms 37:5. I guess for this reason, it has always stuck with me (also because it's a great verse.)

In the King James Version it reads like this: (Psa 37:5 KJV) Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

However, when you consider the meaning of the original Hebrew, a much more intimate picture emerges. Here is a breakdown of the Hebrew words and definitions:

"Commit", from the Hebrew gadal: to roll, as stones; to roll off or away from anyone (to transfer what is rolled away from oneself to another.)

"unto", from the Hebrew 'al: on, upon, over; something put on top of something else, so that it can stand or lie upon it as a base or foundation.

"the LORD", from Hebrew Yahveh, which is the proper name of God.

"thy way", from Hebrew derek: properly, the action of going, walking,hence a journey which anyone takes; a way or path in which one goes; the way, mode or course any one goes; a way of living or acting; mode of worshiping God, religion . In short, derek is the totality of one's life; the manner and lifestyle after which they live.

"trust", from Hebrew batach: 1) to confide in anyone, to set one’s hope and confidence upon anyone; properly to throw one’s self or one’s cares on anyone; 2) to be secure, to fear nothing for one’s self.

"(He shall bring it) to pass", from Hebrew asah: to labor, to work about any thing, to make or produce by labor, specifically, to manufacture, to fabricate; used of God-to produce or create; to make anything (i.e. to produce it from one’s self); emphatically, to effect, to complete, to execute any thing (used of God in Psalm 37:5)

Taking the Hebrew definitions into account and following the correct rules of Hebrew grammar, a much more intimate picture emerges from this verse:

Roll and transfer upon Yahweh the totality of your life, confide in, set your hope and confidence upon, throw your cares and self on the foundation of Yahweh and He will complete and execute it through His own labor and effort.


  1. Rob, are you kidding me? Are you writing these Bible studies? AWESOME, I love it! good stuff.
    We need to talk, I'm gonna call soon, miss you brother.

  2. shalom Robert,

    I was led to your blog after visiting I was doing some research on Hebraic Interpretations of the Scriptures.
    I suggest you use the necessary hebrew fonts in explaining all those hebrew root words . That would be excellent. I would like to commend you for your excellent work. Baruch HaSHem Yeshua