Friday, May 1, 2009

Hebraic Concepts #5: Elohim

Elohim is translated into English as God over 2,000 times in Scripture. The literal translation is "God, His majesties."

Like all Hebrew words, there is a picture associated with Elohim that helps us to understand how it applies to God. The beauty of Elohim is a finely cut, multifaceted stone, such as a diamond. If you were to hold it in your hand and slowly rotate it between your fingers, the light would dance off of the beauty of its many facets, revealing more and more of the stone's character with each rotation.

Throughout Scripture, we read where God has revealed different aspects of His nature to humanity throughout time. Whatever man needed God to be, that's how He revealed Himself at that time. Although we can read about it in Scripture, there are times in our lives when God wants to make that revelation personal--to reach out to us on that level and help us develop an intimate understanding of all that He can be. The more we stand in His presence and gaze at His glory, we begin to become aware of the multitude of wonderful facets that make up His divine character...and maybe, just maybe it may dawn on us that the reason He is twirling and dancing in our presence is just to bring a smile to our faces.