Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BSM #8: Psalm (13:6)

Day 8 of the 100 Days of Praise Challenge.

Today's entry is shorter and more straightforward than even yesterday's. In fact, the verse is made up of only three Hebrew words. Here's the KJV rendition, followed by the breakdown and my translation:

I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me. (Psalm 13:6 KJV)

[I will] sing: shiyr [Hebrew root]
TO SING (a) the song that is sung, also the person or thing celebrated in song, (b) to sing in anyone's honor, to celebrate in song, to sing of anyone [Ps. 13:6], (c) to sing concerning anyone, (d) to sing is sometimes used for to declaim with a loud voice.

[unto the] LORD: from Hebrew Yahveh (the proper name of God)

[because He hath] dealt bountifully [with me]: gamal [Hebrew root]
(1) TO GIVE, TO DO, TO SHEW to anyone (good or evil); (2) to do good to anyone (to do good to oneself) [Ps. 13:6] (116:7, 119:17, 142:8) ; (3) to repay to anyone good or evil; (4) to wean an infant; (5) to ripen fruit; become ripe. Note: The primary signification of "to produce warmth, to cherish" is applied (a) to ripening fruit, (b) to a weaned child, (c) to benefits conferred on anyone, and whith which as it were we cherish Him.

And here is my picture translation:
I will sing, proclaim with a loud voice and celebrate Yahveh with a song, because He has done good, nourished and bestowed benefits upon me!

Here is the image that corresponds with today's translation. Click to view larger.

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